At Elite we take as much pride in our client relationships as we do in the quality of our workmanship.

“In 2017 I approached Elite Kitchens informing them of the pending renovation to our kitchen. It took us nearly two years before we got started and during all that time I worked with Krista on style and design. She was always very responsive, patient, and professional.

Krista is very detail oriented and well attuned to current design trends, while still having a handle on the classics. She did countless revisions on design and style and never once got frustrated or brushed aside my requests. During the installation Elite continued to display the same courtesy and attention to detail. Phil made sure every detail was to my satisfaction and made several trips to our house to ensure everything was done to perfection. He even spent more than half a day at our house adjusting my refrigerator to ensure it was properly levelled, even though this was not his responsibility.

The Elite team were all so kind, patient, professional and, above all else, wanted to ensure they had a happy customer. They really are a first-class organization and stand behind their work. I highly recommend Elite Kitchens.”

-Joanne, 2019

“Like any cost- and design-conscious consumer, I visited many kitchen design companies, however I kept comparing everything to Elite. From my very first meeting with Dawn Marie I knew that Elite Kitchens + Design were my first choice. I explained to her what my vision was, and to be completely honest, Dawn Marie nailed it immediately. Her ability during the design process to put on paper what I was visualizing in my head was exceptional. I had not experienced this anywhere else.

Dawn Marie and I were in constant contact during the entire process, from signing the contract to installation completion. Whether it was by email or phone she was always available, the same goes for Phil and the installers, especially Paul. There was never a moment during this process where I felt out of the loop or inconvenienced. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Their professionalism and ability to adapt to delays and special requests on my end speak to how good they are at what they do.

I would highly recommend Elite Kitchens + Design to everyone for their next project.”

-Pamela, 2019